Welcome to Hill Spooner & Elliott, Inc

Hill Spooner & Elliott, Inc. is a team of dedicated and experienced real estate sales agents lead by business partners, Calynne Hill, Hettie Spooner & Lindsay Elliott. With nearly 60 years of combined real estate experience, we have proven that an innovative team with the right dynamics and cutting edge marketing skills can flourish in our ever changing economy.

Earning a reputation as top-producers, Hill Spooner & Elliott, Inc. has consistently finished in the top 1% of sales annually. This is tangible proof of the knowledge, commitment and hard work you will receive as a client, no matter how large or small the transaction. Our goal is to build a professional relationship with our customers while being sensitive to the changes they are experiencing. Whether it be a new baby, a divorce, or a relocation, we are empathetic to your situation. We seek to add value to the real estate experience by offering support and guidance.

Buying a home is a lifetime investment ranking highly among our most important financial endeavors. We share these sentiments with you at Hill Spooner & Elliott, Inc. and, as your real estate partner, we keep you informed and up-to-date regarding your transaction at all times. We know that buying and selling a home is one of the biggest events in your life and we strive to make you comfortable every step of the way.

Our Leadership Team


Calynne Hill

(850) 545-6140

Hettie Spooner

(850) 509-4337

Lindsay Elliott

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Our Agents

Andrea Meadows

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Audrey Nedeau

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Brandi VanLeuven

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Carla Stephens

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Caroline Brewster

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Chris Chavez

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Emily Bohnstengel

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Georgia Buford

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Greg Barker

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Joanna McIver

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Kamala Snow

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Kelly Hetherington

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Lori Mattice

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Maria Pierce

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Mary Doyle

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Michael Reavis

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Mike Schilling

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Molly Corder

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Nikki Buford

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Olan Brunson

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Patrick Hardy

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Sonia Jewell Brunson

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Stephanie Bridges

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Stephanie DeSantis

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Susan McAlister

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Shannon Pararo

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Trecie Leachman

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