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Hill Spooner & Elliott, Inc. is a team of dedicated and experienced real estate sales agents lead by business partners, Calynne Hill, Hettie Spooner & Lindsay Elliott. We have proven that an innovative team with the right dynamics and cutting edge marketing skills can flourish in our ever changing economy.

Earning a reputation as top-producers, Hill Spooner & Elliott, Inc. has consistently finished in the top 1% of sales annually. This is tangible proof of the knowledge, commitment and hard work you will receive as a client, no matter how large or small the transaction. Our goal is to build a professional relationship with our customers while being sensitive to the changes they are experiencing. Whether it be a new baby, a divorce, or a relocation, we are empathetic to your situation. We seek to add value to the real estate experience by offering support and guidance.

Buying a home is a lifetime investment ranking highly among our most important financial endeavors. We share these sentiments with you at Hill Spooner & Elliott, Inc. and, as your real estate partner, we keep you informed and up-to-date regarding your transaction at all times. We know that buying and selling a home is one of the biggest events in your life and we strive to make you comfortable every step of the way.

Our Leadership Team

Caylynne Hill | Hill Spooner Elliot Partner/Realtor, CLHMS, GRI

Calynne Hill

(850) 545-6140

Hettie Spooner

(850) 509-4337

Lindsay Elliott

(850) 545-2463

Our Administrative Team

Carla Stephens | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Carla Stephens

(850) 544-0207

Jennifer Campbell

(850) 572-4674
Treci | Hill Spooner Elliot

Trecie Leachman

(321) 626-7257

Our Agents

Amanda Laudadio

(850) 980-0625

Andrea Meadows

(850) 570-8154

Anthony Laudadio

(850) 567-1881

April Dean

(850) 567-0695
Brandi Van Leuven | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Brandi Van Leuven

(850) 339-6519

Caroline Brewster

(850) 274-3162

Constance Buford

(850) 320-3537
Georgia Buford | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Georgia Buford

(850) 509-3764

Gray Nichols

(850) 251-8727
Jake_Dodson _Web

Jake Dodson

(850) 508-7248

Jeff Baggett

(850) 524-2778

Jessica Hooker

(561) 346-3228

Joana Villeneuve

(850) 544-2120

Joanna McIver

(850) 570-9901
Kay Myers | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Kay Myers

(850) 933-0560
Kayana Gaines_web

Kayana Gaines

(850) 566-3183
Kelly Hetherington | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Kelly Hetherington

(850) 509-0488

Lauren Womble

(850) 274-2435
Lori Mattice | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Lori Mattice

(850) 544-0162

Margaret Price


Maria Pierce

(850) 320-2919

Melissa Suber

(850) 345-0993
Mike Schilling | Hill Spooner Elliot Broker Associate

Mike Schilling

(850) 590-8893
Molly Corder | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Molly Corder

(850) 524-0564

Natalia Jeffers

(727) 403-7421

Nikki Buford Trafton

(850) 509-5552

Patrick Hardy

(850) 294-1232

Philip Suber

(850) 509-4731

Robert Wallis

(850) 900-7772

Savannah Stephens

(850) 868-0933
Stephanie Bridges | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Stephanie Bridges

(850) 212-7247
Stephanie DeSantis | Hill Spooner Elliot Sales Associate

Stephanie DeSantis

(850) 510-7140

Summer Eades

(850) 728-7015

Susan Ice

(850) 545-7015