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Sales Associate

Margaret has been making her mark in the real estate industry since 2017, specializing in new construction homes. She grew up in South Dakota until moving to Florida in 2010. Since then, she has embraced the Florida sunshine and made it her home.

In the realm of real estate, Margaret is fully dedicated to her profession, committing her time and expertise to it on a full-time basis. Margaret also serves as the driving force behind Skyline Building and Investments, a thriving new construction company. Margaret’s vision was to seamlessly integrate her family’s expertise in construction with her own passion for real estate. She took on the role of selling their new construction homes. Her background in construction management provides her with an unparalleled understanding of the intricate details that transform a house into a cherished home. This knowledge enables her to be a trusted advisor in the real estate market in new construction, land searching, flip properties and so much more. 

When she’s not helping clients find their ideal homes, you can often find her at Train Fight Win, where she works on kickboxing or hone her skills for upcoming obstacle courses. She is also an avid traveler, continuously exploring new international destinations with her husband Franklin. Margaret dedicates her time to teaching Sunday school at the Greek Orthodox Church, emphasizing her commitment to both her faith and community. Moreover, she cherishes the company of her extensive big fat Armenian family, often gathering with them to create cherished memories, and her two giant dogs, Dzor and Phyllis Diller.

Whether she’s helping clients find their dream homes, jet-setting with her husband, or walking her 150 pound Gampr Dogs, Margaret approaches each challenge with a resolute commitment to problem-solving. This unwavering dedication to resolving issues is one of the most gratifying aspects of her business, as it empowers clients to place unwavering confidence in the professional they have chosen to shepherd them through significant life milestones.

“With determination and a dash of adventure, we can make every moment count.